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about:blank, Dublin Theatre Festival, 2021 Book Now

Writer: Adam Wyeth

Cast: Olwen Fouéré, Owen Roe & Paula McGleighey

Director: Eoghan Carrick

Composition & Sound Design: Cormac O'Connor

Composition & Musician: Frieda Freytag

Design Consultant & Art Direction: Ste Murray 

Design & Development : Noelle Cooper & Alex Connolly, Unthink

Producer: Melissa Nolan

2021 selection 100 archive for Outstanding Irish Design

about:blank is what appears when there is nothing else to display. It exists in the space between the internet and you. From here we depart. 

Transported through fragments of Dublin, we find an émigré working in a charity shop, a missing cat, the internal chatter of a yoga session, a writer disagreeing with her characters and a couple discussing their absent daughter. 

Written as a circular mixture of narrative-poetry, prose, monologue and drama, and adapted into a site responsive and audio-immersive journey, about:blank begins in the cloud and ends where you live.

Funded by the Arts Council, Abbey Theatre and Poetry Ireland. Developed with the assistance of the Abbey Theatre/ Amharclann na Mainistreach. Supported by 
Civic Theatre, Mermaid Arts Centre, MOLI and Riverbank Arts Centre.


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