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Songs from the Soil, The Ark, 2023 Book Now

Commissioned and produced by The Ark

Composer, Lyricist & Musical Director: Lauren Kinsella

Director: Eoghan Carrick

Performers: Lauren Kinsella (voice), Michelle O'Rourke (voice), Liselotte Östblom (voice)

Set Designer: Aedín Cosgrove

Sound Designer: Chris Hyson

Costume Designer: Cherie White

Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels

Stage Manager: Donna Leonard

Sound Engineer: Nicholas Ryan

Welcome to the fungiverse! Be drawn into a miniature musical world, where three amazing vocalists - Lauren, Liselotte and Michelle forage for songs and sounds on a journey through the natural world. In this highly original music performance, our singers celebrate mushrooms of all kinds with their beautiful harmonies, thrilling improvisation and rhythmic melodies.

Did you know that fungi like to hide in secret places? They can be found everywhere - in carpets, in water droplets, on trees, underground in the soil... and even in space! Where else do fungi hide? What do they look like? Can they even glow in the dark? Find out in this concert filled with spine tingling harmonies and vocal acrobatics. 

With intriguing songs by acclaimed singer and composer Lauren Kinsella and sound design by Chris Hyson, let the music guide you through the forest and discover fascinating fungi wonders along the way. You might encounter some Orange Peel Fungus or Green Elf Cup but be careful of the Yellow Sickener. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself singing about a Truffle or two! 


BIG BANG Dublin! is presented byThe Ark in collaboration with Zonzo Compagnie with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. BIG BANG Festival is a format developed and owned by Zonzo Compagnie.

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