Deep Fake, 2021 (In development for Dublin Fringe Duets Programme)


Co-Creator: Eoghan Carrick

Co-Creator: Lauren Shannon Jones

AV Designer and Systems Engineer: Kevin Michael Reed

Composer and Sound Designer: Frank Sweeney

Ellen Kirk: Scenographer

Producer: Emma Cohen 

Stage Manager: Ursula McGinn

Production Manager: Eoin Kilkenny

Deep Fake is an interdisciplinary duet for performer and algorithm, with the help of an audience participant. It marries theatre with computer generated metamorphic video and audio in an innovative live theatre performance exploring the twin human obsessions of intimacy and autonomy using the distancing, artificial effects of technology to create an absolutely intimate, human moment.

Eoghan Carrick & Lauren Shannon Jones will premiere their new theatre project in September 2021 as part of Dublin Fringe Festival.

The development has been supported by the Dublin Fringe Duets programme partners: Dublin Fringe Festival, Fishamble, the Irish Theatre Institute and the Arts Council of Ireland.

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