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Good Orderly Direction, Axis Theatre, Dublin Theatre Festival, 2022

Writer: Lee Coffey

Cast: Loré Adewusi, Andrea Ainsworth, Luke Griffen, Amelia Keating Stewart, Lauren Larkin, Simon O'Gorman
Director: Eoghan Carrick

Set & Costume Design: Ellen Kirk

Lighting Design: Eoin Winning

Sound Design: Sinead Disken

Produced by: Bitter Like a Lemon & Axis Ballymun

Stage Manager: Eoin Harrington

Production Manager: Shane Morgan

A new play exploring addiction in the lives of six characters.


G.O.D. (Good. Orderly. Direction.), guidance from a higher power, whatever helps you stay in active recovery from this day to the next. One day at a time. But what if it all starts to unravel? In the place you feel most protected. 


Recovery isn’t a straight line, it’s an elastic band. Which can snap back at any moment. Six people, all trying to take their lives back. 

Working through pain. Working through life. All they can do is, keep coming back. G.O.D. (Good. Orderly. Direction.) is a raw, visceral new play about the struggles, uncertainty and monotony of recovery.


Funded by the Arts Council | An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

Purchase the script here.

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