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Centre Culturel Irlandais / Meet our Theatre Makers

I had a great time presenting and discussing my work during the Centre Culturel Irlandais Meet our Theatre Makers event on Thursday 7 Decembre 2023.

The Event was part of the CCI / Abbey Theatre International Theatre Makers Residency and I was delighted to be one of the theatremakers selected this year. The CCI hosted European theatre makers from Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Portugal for a month-long residency. While in Paris, we developed our artistic practice and were able to extend our French and European professional networks as well as experiencing diverse theatre work in the capital.

Initiated by the CCI, this special residency is the result of collaboration between the cultural centres or national theatres of five different European countries.The winners will introduce their work this evening and discuss the joys and challenges of their different practices as playwright, director, set designer and actor.


  • Mario Banushi, presented by the Centre Culturel Hellénique

  • Eoghan Carrick, presented by the CCI and the Abbey Theatre (Dublin)

  • Adomas Juška, presented by the Institut culturel lituanien, Vilnius International Theatre Festival Sirenos and Teatro Informacijos Centras (Vilnius)

  • Jacqueline Milne, presented by the Mission culturelle du Luxembourg en France and the Association luxembourgeoise des Professionnels du Spectacle Vivant (Luxembourg)

  • Teresa Coutinho, presented by the Camões - Centre culturel portugais in Paris and Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II (Lisbon)

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