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Two pieces published in The Stoney Thursday Book 2023

The 45th edition of one of Ireland's longest running literary journals, The Stony Thursday Book, was launched by the Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Gerald Mitchell.

I was delighted to have Distantly Related to Home and where. published in the edition. Both pieces come from The Bones Of It which is the third section of Uninhabited: Reflecting an Empty Stage. Conceived in a time when theatres were closed, Uninhabited: Reflecting an Empty Stage is a personal response to a crisis of art-form. Part poetry, photo essay, prose and performance text, it begins as exploration of absence and culminates in a performance for an uninhabited theatre. It was written with the support of the Pan Pan International Mentorship and the Irish Writer's Centre National Mentorship Programme.

Founded in 1975 by Limerick poets John Liddy and Jim Burke, The Stony Thursday Book has become a cornerstone of Ireland's literary landscape. This edition showcases a diverse collection of poetry curated by the Editor, Christodoulos Makris, a trailblazer in experimental poetics.

Christodoulos Makris said:  

"I [was] honoured to be asked to edit this year's 45th edition of The Stony Thursday Book. A mainstay in Limerick's - and Ireland's - poetry publishing landscape for decades, its constantly changing face, aided by the radical practice of a rotating editorship, both reflects and encourages engagement with poetry's constantly evolving concerns, forms and possibilities. " 

Under his guidance the 2023 edition embraces innovation and unconventional forms. Makris has carefully selected 65 works from over 35 poets, creating a fascinating collection of poetic exploration.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Gerald Mitchell launched the 45th edition of  The Stony Thursday Book, saying:

“The Stony Thursday Book's 45th edition is a mark of the enduring spirit of Irish literary exploration and the commitment of its contributors to pushing the boundaries of poetic expression. There are 65 works in this volume, illustrating the richness and diversity of our literary scene.” 

Arts Officer at Limerick City and County Council, Pippa Little said:

“The Council were delighted to work with Christodoulos Makris as this year’s Editor of the Stony Thursday Poetry Book. The open call this year attracted poets from around the world and Christodoulos has put his unique stamp on the publication, alongside the selected poets. This year’s edition includes experimental and innovative forms. It is exciting to see how the Stony Thursday Poetry book has developed and offered a platform for experimentation for poetry.”

The 45th edition’s book design is credited to Richard Meade, an accomplished graphic designer and graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD). The cover art is by Ciara Barker, an artist hailing from Co. Galway and based in Limerick city, also an alumna of the esteemed LSAD. 

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