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Rising of the Moon, Bewley's Cafe Theatre, 2024

Performers: Michael Tient, Oisín Thompson, Molly Whelan

Director: Eoghan Carrick

Set Design: Chrysi Chatzivasileiou

Lighting Design: Eoin Winning

Costume Design: Toni Bailey

Sound Design: Fiona Sheil

Stage Manager: Rachel Ellen Bollard

Assistant Stage Manager : Dragana Stevanic

A secluded pier on a moonlit night. Officers of the state search for a dangerous rebel recently escaped from gaol. They fear he will flee by boat.


As the Sergeant keeps solitary watch, he encounters a poor singer who will challenge his authority and his loyalties.


Lady Gregory’s The Rising of the Moon is a stark exploration of nationalism, the tensions that arise from it and the questions we ask ourselves when our beliefs are challenged. One of her best-known plays, it is a tense and comic political allegory that’s as provocative now as when it was written in 1907.

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