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SISTER, Eoghan Carrick/Lauren Moukarzel/Once Off Productions, In Development

Cocreatror: Eoghan Carrick | Lauren Moukarzel

The Silver Sisterhood was an all-female cult that operated out of an old house in Donegal through the 80’s and 90’s. Their ideology began as a kind of medieval primitivism, but soon evolved into Victorian moralism, before taking a turn into fetish role-play sex work and coding video games for the Commodore 64. In this way, the cult provides an insight into a microcosmic blueprint of an alternate human history.


SISTER, is an immersive work which invites the audience to become members of a cult and experience its technological evolution and eventual corrupted decline. Building a dramaturgy that draws from esoteric ritual and text based video games, SISTER asks the viewer to

question systems of power and explodes the hierarchy of performer and audience.

SISTER is currently in development with 2024 Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant Funding with support from Once Off Productions and the Irish Theatre Institute. Development began as part of the Pan Pan International Mentorship programme with Susanne Kennedy.

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