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19 Covid Thoughts: #6

A Fragment:

Adapted from Gabriel De’ Mussi’s

"History of the Disease, or The Great Dying of the Year of our Lord 1348"

They had brought evil spirits with them.

Every city, every settlement

every place

was poisoned by the contagious pestilence.

He poisoned his whole family

even as he fell and died

so that those preparing to bury his body

were seized by death in the same way.


We bear the responsibility

for revealing the judgments of god.

We had been delayed by tragic events

yet we reached our homes.

Relations, kinsmen, and neighbours

flocked to us from all sides.

But to our anguish

we were carrying the darts of death.

While they hugged and kissed us

we were spreading poison from our lips

even as we spoke



Cruel, bitter, godless.

It breaks the bonds of affection.

Divides father and mother

brother and sister

son and wife.

Lamenting our misery

we feared to fly

yet we dared not remain.

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